11:20am , Monday 27th June 2022

Sarah Alomari

Projects Coordinator

Sarah Alomari is an industrial engineer, project manager and a specalist in innovation and design thinking. With more than 4 years of experience, Sarah has worked with a number of companies and international organizations that polished her skills in project management and business development. Sarah has worked with a number of entrepreneurs and innovators in Jordanian incubators. Such an experiences gainer her more knowledge about incubators and the different stages of developing them.

At ARIJ, Sarah manages a number of journalist incubators. “Innovate to Investigate” and the Egyptian Incubator. Both are designed for human rights activists, fact checkers, researchers, designers, and programmers.

Sarah Alomari offers training in innovation and design thinking with a number of local and international competitions in Jordan, such as “Impact Week – Jordan 2019”, which involved a number of companied and targets about 100 students.

Sarah has also participated at the International Hackathon held in 2021, in association with “Impact Week” as one of the trainers to help solve logistics problems facing NGOs in South Eastern Asia especially at times of natural disasters.

Sarah has volunteered since university days with a number of organizations in Jordan, such as the “Mujaddedoon”, focusing on community service, leadership skills and communication.

Sarah works passionately to achieve development and advancement at the different organizations she works with, in addition to other fields such as youth and women empowerment, innovation and its implementation worldwide.