4:10pm , Friday 13th December 2019

Abandoned in their Mothers’ Homes - Abdul Rashid Al Saleh

April 24, 2019

The investigation documents the suffering of children of born to Yazidi mothers in captivity to ISIS. Between 2014-2019, ISIS enslaved and systematically raped thousands of Yazidis in Iraq. My investigation reveals that thousands of these children face an uncertain future.  The Yazidi community rejects them because their fathers are not of the faith, and the Iraqi government is failing to deal with the issue because of the religious complexities. The children have been refused identification documents.


I faced many challenges while working on this story because the matter is so sensitive within the Yazidi community, and because the Yazidis’ women are still suffering the physical and psychological consequences of their captivity, even after being freed from ISIS. Officials and decision makers were reluctant to speak about the issue too because they cannot determine whether to treat the children as Muslims or as Yazidis.