1:26pm , Sunday 23rd February 2020

Hamida El Bour

Board member

Hamida El Bour is an associate professor of journalism at the Institut de Presse et des Sciences de l’Information (IPSI) of La Manouba University in Tunisia, a position she assumed after a stint as CEO of the country’s public news agency TAP. El Bour has been a leader in journalism and journalism education and an avid promoter of investigative reporting in Tunisia for 13 years.
She has trained students and professionals in journalism, gender, media, and politics, all subjects within her research interests. She was instrumental in the development of a master’s degree program in investigative journalism at IPSI and is a founding member of the Tunisian Association of Investigative Journalism. A member of the ARIJ board since 2016, she is the editor of a book on public media in the Arab countries (2013), co-editor of a handbook on covering politics (2013), co-editor of a book on being a journalist in a globalized communication context (2014), and co-editor of a book on investigative journalism (2015).