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Get Funding for your stories on Identity and Gender

Activity Time : 15/10/2018

The OPEN Media Hub invites journalists to apply for funding to produce TV and video stories on the topic of “Identity and Gender”. The videos should address questions such as what is it that defines identity and gender the most in your country; what is the influence of culture, language and religion. What status do women have in your society and how do they apprehend the challenges in their lives; the role of social and political movements in creating new definitions for identity and gender.The call aims to produce media content related to the lives of the people in (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia).
Selected applicants of this call for production support will receive guidance and funding to produce their stories from the OPEN Media Hub. Applications are only accepted online, detailed information at: 

Deadline for submission 15 October 2018 – 21 h CET