A "Lack to Medical" Report Wins an Award

December 28, 2022


Tunisian journalist Bahira Auji has won the Lina Ben Mhenni Prize for Freedom of Expression for her report Lack of Medical Care For Detainees Leads to Death in Tunisia’’, which focused on the rights of detainees and detainees in Tunisia.”





December 2022


Tunisian journalist Bahira Auji won the Lena Ben Mhenni Prize for her report titled “Lack of Medical Care For Detainees Leads to Death in Tunisia”. Her report, which was released at a time when press freedom in Tunisia was facing many restrictions due to the sensitive economic and political situation, discusses a sensitive and important issue related to the rights of detainees and prisoners in Tunisia. Auji was part of the “Right to Safety” fellowship, launched by ARIJ in 2022, which focused on topics related to security and safety in various fields. Her report was announced a third place winner in December 2022. The “Right to Safety” fellowship is part of a larger fellowship programme, co-funded by the EU and managed by a Consortium of FPU and IMS, to support independent media outlets in the Middle East and North Africa.