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Litigation Authorisations: The Association’s Obstacle for Lawyers and Litigators

12 November 2020

The Jordanian Bar Association requires that any of its members obtain a ‘quarreling permission’ in the event that a case against another colleague is quarreled, and despite the issuance of five decisions by the Court of Cassation between 2011 and 2019 denying the effect of the litigation permission on trial procedures, the union continues to withhold the authorizations, and lawyers are afraid of Disciplinary consequences up to dismissal. The Syndicate refuses to grant permits without explaining the reasons or documenting the litigation requests. Rather, it is content with verbal responses attributed to the president, according to this investigation. In the meantime, complaints become obsolete and the rights of litigating permit applicants are undermined in violation of the criminal and civil procedures and penalties, especially after the expiry of the legal deadlines for litigation.


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