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ARIJ is looking for a digital investigative editor

December 23, 2018

Amman– Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is looking to hire a digital investigative editor to join the team in Amman.

This position is part of the editorial multimedia hub at ARIJ where she/he will coach reporters working on investigative, especially digital articles and lead efforts to collect and verify data, teach journalists how to use that data for story ideas and evidence, and to fact check articles before publication.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1) –   Editing/Coaching

-To select and discuss the hypotheses presented by journalists from different Arab countries and develop them and contribute to their follow-up to the completion of digital stories.

-Working within the ARIJ editorial team to develop hypotheses, work plan and methodology for each investigation and review of digital investigations with in coordination with the senior editor and the managing  editor.

-Follow-up with journalists to ensure that the investigations are completed and to follow the work plan and supervise the completion of the investigations in accordance with the standards and ethics of the ARIJ, and follow-up the dates of delivery on time and according to the budget specified, in coordination with the senior editor.

-Contribute to the preparation of investigative budgets, with the senior editor and financial management.

-Participate in training journalists on the skills of digital investigative and work on developing these skills through workshops and training courses.

-Supervising the securing of legal approvals for digital investigations in coordination with ARIJ Legal Network.

-Contribute to the coordination and preparation of workshops organized by ARIJ.

-Contribute to the assessment of risk studies related to investigations and journalists in coordination with the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Department.

-Coordinate with ARIJ Fact-checkers to ensure quality of investigations.

-Coordinating with the social communication officer for the purposes of publishing and promoting the investigations.

-Coordinate with the designer and software developer to produce digital investigations.

-Assisting reporters in writing and narrating the stories.

2- Representing ARIJ and promoting ARIJ Digital Department

at workshops, conferences and global events as may be required and agreed to depending on workload by the editor.

3- Other Duties

Work with the senior editor and the Managing Editor in coordinating global media projects when they present themselves

This includes communicating and signing agreements with the organizations in question, getting access to the databases, sharing data with ARIJ editors and journalists.

Coaching quota may include stories that come out of these projects.

4- Job requirements and qualifications:


-At least 3 year of experience in investigative journalism, and achieved 3 investigative reports.

-Fluency in both Arabic and English

-strong background/experience in investigative journalism

-Strong online searching capabilities.

-Efficiency in writing skills reporting and presentation.

-Preferably possess / have experience in training and design training programs.

-Certificate in Media, Film Making or any related field.

-Experience in multimedia production and training.

-Prefer to be a resident in Jordan.

This vacancy is now closed