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Inclusion of Education in Military Conflict


Forced Conversion

Husband’s conversion to Islam deprives Christian mothers from children’s custody window.location.href="https://arij.net/forced_conversion_en/"

Fake Diagnosis

Thousands of desperate Mauritanian families respond to advertisements put out by Sharia Ruqia centers promising they can cure diseases that doctors cannot by decoding magic and warding off the evil eye. The ministries of Health ...


In Egypt, especially in Upper Egypt , disputes between Muslims and Christians are dealt with not in civil courts but in tribal councils. The judgments of these councils seem to favor the side that is ...

Abandoned in their Mothers’ Homes

Children of Yazidi women born in captivity to ISIS face a shameful past, homeless present and unsure future. By Abdul Rashid Al Saleh “It is impossible for a mother to give up her child, even if it ...

Motherhood Denied

In this investigation, journalist Saja Mortada documents cases of divorced Lebanese women who lost custody of their children upon rulings by Jaafari courts that ignore the interests of child and mother and refuse to consider ...

Solar-Powered Corruption: European Grant Awarded to Investment Firm

Dalia SheblMasrawy- On the morning of Oct. 21, 2016, 60 kilometers from Cairo in the Eastern governate a ceremony was held to mark the opening of a solar power plant backed with aid from the ...

Dogs...Another War Kills the Yemenis

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