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Psycho-emotional Health and Well-being Online Training

December 23, 2019

Arab journalists and social workers are under tremendous political, professional and psychological stress. Many of them endure tensions on a daily basis — especially when covering trauma-related causes: War zones/conflict areas, distressed communities, poverty, corrupt authorities and social crimes. They are often threatened by physical, verbal and sexual aggressions from people they investigate and sometimes within their own media institutions. 

This course provides mental health support for Arab journalists and media professionals. The aim is to provide practical information on how to address and deal with mental health and trauma-related issues that could be triggered by living in constant threat, especially in conflict-ridden countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Palestine. These resources will help journalists and social workers identify and detect anxiety stress and trauma-related symptoms, provide information on psychological and mental health first aid, as well as improve resilience and positive coping mechanisms.

This course provides practical mental health information to help Arab journalists and social workers understand, identify and cope with work-related anxiety stress and trauma. 

The course in particular aims to: 

  • Increase participants’ knowledge about mental health and well-being issues
  • Enhance participants’ emotional self-awareness and stress management  
  • Develop participants’ confidence in dealing with life stressors
  • Develop capacity of participants to deal with work challenges, mainly during trauma conditions

To enroll in this online training program, please click here (Training is in Arabic language)


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