10:57pm , Thursday 2nd April 2020

The one under Suad's section

September 17, 2019

Any activity that takes place in a certain neighborhood is a profitable one subjected to taxation

Exceptions cover fields of education or an institution with a five-year tax exemption 

They are not within this category, they are not a school 

(Another voice, Roqya Shar’ia: Centers are not on the map)

They are not even considered centers

We consider what is subjected to tax and falls under official statistical surveys 

But someone said they keep moving from one place to another

Tax teams that calculate taxes have addresses of commercial activities and what they are

They also have permit deadlines, for example from January 1st to March 31st.

They disclose their annual income for the year that passed

So they estimate a tax to impose without exception

We have registered cases, there are two

One of them … and the other is called Eliyat or something like that, a foreigner perhaps Yemeni?

We do not know what his nationality is

What matters is that they visit us at the department

For these cases, it is not estimated, they are still under the lump-sum tax system

But for those who are supposed to disclose their information

If they do not because of a time issue

We go to them and calculate their income during the day

We see their records for the day and customers

We calculate on different days, see the average income 

So if you check their monthly income, can you estimate based on it?