10:56pm , Thursday 2nd April 2020

Basics of Mobile Journalism (MOJO)



The smartmojo workshop is designed to supplement journalist’s existing skills with digital literacies and mobile tools training. Participants learn how to plan, develop, shoot, edit and publish stories from location using just a smartphone.

Tested with investigative journalists in Australia, China, HK, UK, Timor, Denmark, Sweden and Norway; smartmojo literacies and praxis are essential for any journalist working alone or in a modern newsroom.

Based around neo-journalistic skills and multi-track video editing, workshops are conducted on iOS and a few specific Android devices that offer essential two track video editing.

Participants will need an iPhone loaded with iMovie, Airstash and iXpand apps (free). Android phones with Snapdragon 8010 or higher loaded with and unlocked version of Kinemaster 3.1 (video track two unlocked-paid subscription) can also be used. There will be more information to come.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn and implement best practices for delivering investigative reports using mojo

Participants will use smartphones for a series of multimedia reporting assignments including gathering photographs, audio, video and live blogging/streaming events

After this workshop, participants will be able to conduct in-depth reports through a mobile phone and produce a video investigation of up to 4 minutes.

Target Audience

TV, print and radio journalists and editors, post/undergraduate media students as well as media professors.

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