10:04pm , Thursday 2nd April 2020

Digital Storytelling Workshop


In the age of digital technologies, interactive screens and high competition, it has become necessary for journalists to be equipped with the tools needed to transform their stories into interactive ones and rely on digital storytelling to create a content that is understandable and attractive for readers. This workshop is designed for this purpose. It aims at introducing digital storytelling, its tools and formats to content producers. In this workshop, participants will identify the difference between simple linear storytelling, long digital and interactive stories. They will learn how to critically analyse digital stories, how they are produced, and how to write a content for digital format. Participants, then, will be able to deal with digital storytelling on social in a professional and innovative manner.


Workshop outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Transform their ideas into digital storytelling format
  • Know about the types of digital storytelling
  • write scripts for digital formats, use digital tools effectively, and work with a team to produce interactive and digital stories.
  • Understand the characteristics and different types of storytelling such as the linear, interactive, and digital types.
  • Critically analyse digital stories
  • Be able to professionally produce high quality Arabic digital content


Target group

Editors, Journalists, and post/undergraduate media students

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