3:09pm , Friday 13th December 2019

How to Carry out an Investigative Report with ARIJ

The Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism Network, (ARIJ), supports reporters with the production of their investigative reports, by providing mentoring, editorial, and other support. Reporters from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, Tunis, or Bahrain, who have good story ideas that shed light on a problem, issue, or phenomena affecting society should apply. All proposals should meet ARIJ’s strict guidelines. 

Prior to sending out the participation application, ARIJ requests the following:

  • That the idea that the reporter has is innovative and of concern to the public
  • That the applicant has already carried out preliminary research on the idea at hand and explored the possibilities of executing an investigative report that would yield results.

ARIJ will not support any idea for investigation that is vague and based on wide generalities such as a report that may be presented on the idea of an investigation of “pollution in Lebanon” or “drugs in Jordan”. Applicants must narrow their scope and present a focused plan to explore the issue they have chosen. 

ARIJ has supervised and funded a number of reports on environmental pollution such as the leftovers resulting from the grinding of olives in Jordan and the emission of the carcinogenic Dioxin gas from hospital furnaces in Syria as well as the spread of drugs at university campuses in Jordan. These three examples indicate the following: the existence of a problem (an action), the presence of victims (object) and the responsibility of a certain party or parties (subject). Therefore ARIJ network will only provide funding to creative and innovative reports that will shed light on new data of concern to the public at large. The reports have to be supported with documentation that has been gathered and will act as proof for the report.


Report Title

Name (as documented in passport)‎

Date of Birth


Professional Title

Name of Media Corporation

Name and Title of Immediate Supervisor

Postal Address

Telephone Number

Cellular Number


How long have you worked as a professional journalist?‎

Provide a brief explanation of your current job

Explain in two or three sentences the issue (idea) that you wish to investigate. This ‎is also known as “the hypothesis” since it may be refuted or asserted prior to ‎being turned into an undeniable truth. This sentence(s) must explain what the ‎issue is, who the participants are (subject) and the victims (object).‎

What is the aim of this investigation?‎

Why do you think this is an important issue that needs to be looked at?‎

The scope of the issue and its affect on the public.‎

List the facts that you have arrived at, who have you interviewed or met with up till ‎now (Name and Title) and what information and truths have you concluded to ‎reach this hypothesis?‎

What is the documented information that you have garnered until this point ‎‎(reports, studies, documents etc. – please list all document titles, name of ‎researcher or author, information sources and references as well as a ‎summarization of what these reports reveal that may back your hypothesis).‎

At this stage it is necessary to be able to create a chart or schedule with all the ‎facts, guidelines, information on the issue and data which you can gather on the ‎matter through research and interviews – official and private reports and statistics, ‎internet research on the subject etc.‎

Explain what conclusions you have arrived at after gathering all this data?‎

What other questions remain pertaining to the issue at hand?‎

What documents are you seeking to get a hold of for further prove?‎

Where will you find these answers and the documentation?‎

What is the time period necessary to carry out this investigation and why?‎

Do you need to travel out of the city or the country and why?‎

Do you need to carry out any laboratory or scientific tests? Do you need to carry ‎out a survey and why?‎

Does this investigation require specific skills or special needs? What are they and ‎why?‎

Based on the provided work plan you can create and submit an estimated budget.‎ For example:‎
Travel and Transport Fees
‎(Backed with taxi and rental car receipts or any other form of transport – no ‎compensation will be provided without receipts.)‎ Communication (Internet and Cellular) Fees ‎(Photocopy of a cellular charge card or receipt with a list of the telephone numbers ‎that have been contacted)‎

Laboratory Test Fees
Please provide the cost of any test prior to the start of the investigation and state ‎the number of tests required – ask for an offer from the lab and send it to ARIJ

Translation Fees
(If you have any foreign language documents that require translation, please ‎indicate the source and the number of pages that require translation or send the ‎documents to ARIJ for translation.)‎

Do you need to acquire skills that the network can provide you with?‎

Have you had offers to publish or broadcast your investigation from sources other ‎than those ARIJ works with?‎

Please provide an official letter from the Media Corporation that you work with ‎stating that they will publish/broadcast the investigative report. ARIJ will not sign ‎an agreement without this letter.‎

Please provide a copy of your resume.

Please provide a passport photo.‎