How to apply to work on an investigation with ARIJ?

Would you like to work on an investigation that would have a major impact on people’s lives? Would you like to uncover information that others are trying to hide? Introduce us to your story idea by filling out the form below. 

If it is important first for you to familiarize yourself with ARIJ’s standards and priorities. We collaborate with journalists on all types of investigations – print, audio, video and digital – and support journalists through the various stages of the process from coaching and supervision to finding publishing platforms.

We believe that investigative journalism, which depends on documenting facts and in-depth research, is key to ensuring transparency and accountability and reinforcing democracy and justice.

Please note that:

  1. ARIJ will not support any proposal that is vague and based on broad generalities, nor will we support a mere collection of previously published research and reports that do not reveal anything new or have an impact.
  2. All sections on this form are mandatory. The Executive Committee will not consider incomplete applications. Once submitted, you will receive an automatic confirmation email.  Within three weeks, you will receive a response either with the preliminary acceptance or rejection of your proposal. 

For more information about applying, the selection process, helpful tips and the internal process at ARIJ, you can watch this discussion webinar with the editor-in-chief, the director and members of the executive committee.

Thank you for your interest in working with ARIJ.

ARIJ Editorial Board