March 20, 2023

March 20, 2023

Arab Researchers for Managing Forums and Training (ARIJ) invites hotels in Jordan to submit quotations for provision of hotel accommodation and meeting facilities for its 16th Annual Forum. 

Quotations must  be submitted before March 31, 2022 at 17:00 Amman Time. Quotations received after the deadline indicated shall not be considered for evaluation. Quotations shall be signed and in the .pdf format and submitted to The shortlisted hotels will receive a reply from ARIJ by April 04, 2023. 


For the 16th year in a row, ARIJ is hosting its hybrid annual Forum for 500 participants: speakers, trainers, representatives of partner organisations, investigative journalists, fact-checkers and attendees participating virtually from December 01 – 03, 2023. 

Specifications and Conditions

The hotel shall have in its current premises all necessary equipment and facilities and shall have a sufficient number of professional and experienced staff and experts to handle the minimum requirements of the ARIJ Forum. The submitted quotation shall meet the qualifications below.

General Requirements

  • The hotel shall have a 5-star rating or higher
  • The hotel shall submit the quotation in Jordanian Dinars and be inclusive of taxes and service fees
  • The hotel shall have and assign competent and experienced staff 
  • The hotel shall be willing and able to guarantee the delivery of services in accordance with high-performance standards 

Meeting Rooms/Rooms Requirements

  • A main hall that accommodating 500 participants
  • Main hall shall be available 48 hours prior to the Forum 
  • The main hall must have multiple ring points in the ceiling for the audio and visual equipment instalment
  • The main hall shall have a classroom set-up for the participants when required
  • At least six meeting rooms are required for a period of 3 days prior to the Forum. Number of rooms is subject to change and room set up to be decided at a later stage 
  • At least two meeting rooms are required for a period of 1 day after the Forum. Number of rooms is subject to change and room set up to be decided at a later stage

The hotel shall offer facilities with

  • One coffee break with continuous beverage supply in addition to buffet lunch – dinner to be confirmed. 
  • A dedicated high-speed internet provider. Having a backup internet provider is a plus (ARIJ23 is a hybrid Forum)
  • A/V equipment in addition to available technical support
  • HDMI cables (cable for Mac and Windows)
  • Power strips and electrical adaptors
  • Stationary 

Accommodation Requirement

  • Room rates to accommodate up to 300 single bedrooms with breakfast (BB) 
  • Room availability on the confirmed dates (December 01 – 03, 2023) taking into consideration that the check-in will be one day before (November 31) and check-out one day after (December 04)
  • Flexibility in early check-in and late checkout to be made upon request basis
  • A clear agreement indicating that any minibar or refreshments are outside the incurred costs 

Credit / Financial terms

For review purposes, 15% of the invoice value will be paid after a maximum of 30 days from the date of receiving the final invoices.


The general cancellation policy for room cancellation and event cancellation must be clearly outlined in the submitted quotation. 

ARIJ is entitled to a full refund of any money paid in advance for the offered services that cannot be provided because of official lockdowns, pandemics, and/or other unprecedented crises.

Should you have any further queries regarding the specifications, kindly contact 

* It’s important to note that ARIJ is not bound to the lowest price, other elements are taken into consideration including the availability of the above-mentioned requirements, quality of service and special offers provided.