The Jordan Olympic Committee Decides to Remove the Head of the Jordan Cycling Federation and Revoke the Membership of Some of its Members

March 21, 2024

A series of violations committed within the Jordan Cycling Federation (JCF) and several complaints from some players about the federation’s negligence towards them prompted the board of directors of JCF to form a committee to investigate the irregularities. During the investigation, it was found that the president of the federation, Khalaf al-Hshoush, the treasurer, Talal al-Nawaisha, the secretary of the committee, Laila Smadi, and the director of the federation committed numerous violations.

In light of the investigation, the Jordanian Olympic Committee decided on 28-2-2024, according to a memorandum of which ARIJ has seen a copy, to remove the president of the Olympic Federation, the treasurer, and the secretary of the federation from the board of directors of the Jordanian Cycling Federation, and to revoke the membership of the president and treasurer of the federation and prevent them from being members of the general assembly or the board of directors of the Jordan Olympic Committee, Jordanian sports federations, or in any of their committees or bodies for eight years. The decision also stated that the entire file should be passed on to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission.

In November 2022, ARIJ published an investigation titled “Jordanian Cyclists Quit the Sport Due to Poor Safety Provisions“, in which journalists Marah Youssif and Muaz Zreiqi revealed many violations against cyclists in Jordan that prevent them from participating in international tournaments and push them to withdraw from the federation’s membership.

The investigation showed that the federation is shirking its responsibilities towards cyclists, with no law to protect them and flowy health insurance regulations that do not guarantee their right to treatment in the event of traffic accidents.