5:25pm , Monday 14th June 2021

The future of investigation reporting : "Trends, Tools, Technologies"

ARIJ Annual Forum is one of the largest and most influential gatherings for investigative journalists and editors in the Middle East and North Africa region.

More than 450 media professionals and investigative reporters will meet in Jordan 30 November- 2nd December, 2018, to recharge their skills, learn new tools, get acquainted with latest trends in investigative reporting, and network with TV broadcasters, technology companies, leading media companies and universities from around the globe.

Special guests will include award winning pioneers in the fields of investigative and data journalism, storytelling and technology.This year’s forum topic will examine the role technology plays in investigative reporting : “The future of Investigative Reporting: Trends, Tools and Technologies”

Preparations for ARIJ18 are ongoing, for inquiries about partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please email yazan.rous@arij.net