Four plastic surgeons were charged with manslaughter in Jordan following the publication of an investigation by ARIJ

January 11, 2023


Four plastic surgeons in Jordan faced charges of manslaughter after ARIJ published an investigation entitled “Deadly plastic surgery…liposuction that kills Jordanians”





January 11th 2023


The medical liability judicial Commission at the Amman Criminal Magistrate Court in Jordan convicted 4 doctors of Manslaughter in violation of the provisions of Article (343) of the Jordanian Penal Code, and sentenced them to 6 months to 3 years in prison.

The court issued its decision against the defendants, which will be subject to appeal before the competent court, after it was proven to the court that the convicts performed a liposuction operation on a woman, which resulted in complications that caused her death. The court decided to imprison a surgeon for 3 years, another surgeon for 1 years and two anesthesiologists, one for a year, and the other for 6 months.

This comes in the wake of ARIJ’s investigation which was published in September 2022 about the risk of death or permanent disabilities for those undergoing plastic surgeries in Jordan. The investigation was carried out by journalist Raddad Al-Qalab.

The Jordanian Ministry of Health had confirmed the follow-up of a series of complaints against beauty centers and private clinics and the registration of 270 violations in 2022.

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