Students with Visual Impairment Finally Receive Facilitations at their Schools

October 25, 2022


Students with visual impairment are finally accepted to stay in the boarding house of a school in Jordan.





October 2022


The report, “The long road to school: Students with visual impairment in Jordan struggle to access special education services”, exposed how students with visual impairment, after 6th grade, can’t stay in their school and need to go every day to their houses outside Amman.

Now, this is no longer the case. Sara’s father, one of the people interviewed in the story, called the journalist and thanked her after his daughter got accepted in the boarding house of the school. Weeks later other students from grades 7 and above, who live in distant areas were accepted, solving a problem that existed for years. This is one of the outcomes of 100 Watt Fellowship, supported by he Embassy of Netherland in Jordan.