Jordanian official Discourse in light of the COVID-19 Crisis

(Amman – 17 March 2021) –
Studying governmental public policy entails examining the behavior of governments and the economic and social choices they make, as a state’s public policies derive from a series of repetitive and complex governmental activities, and represent more than a mere decision. In fact, they reflect the state’s philosophy, as well as its orientations in administration and governance.

Accordingly, this highlights the importance of this public policy paper, entitled “Jordanian Official Discourse in Light of the COVID-19 Crisis” issued by Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) in 2020. In this paper, ARIJ discusses its study of official media discourse and provides an in-depth analysis of media messages in order to understand the government’s political behavior, as well as the activities and processes arising from its policymaking, and economic and social choices during the crisis. It also delves into whether or not these choices were made, based on a participatory democracy, involving the public opinion, vital sectors and all geographical regions.

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