Effective freelancing: A holistic approach to safety

October 10, 2021

A New Webinar: Rory Peck Trust & ARIJ

Tuesday 26 October at 17:00 Amman time (GMT+3)

The freelance journalism community has proven, time and again, its ability to uncover and produce quality, independent and innovative stories on the world’s most dire challenges. Freelancers make a difference with their journalism work, a power that may now be more necessary than ever. It is necessary that they have all available resources to pursue their investigations safely and professionally.

This panel aims to provide freelancers with access to knowledge and expertise that will help them improve their safety awareness, as well as answer any of their questions on planning an assignment in a particular country and making sure to secure commissions in a global market.

By providing a holistic approach to safety, we aim to create an understanding of the intersectionality of the four main areas of safety & security: physical, digital, psychological and legal. This approach will increase safety awareness among participants as well as provide a 360 view of safety issues. Please click here.