Activities and Digital Campaigns on Social Media... ARIJ Celebrates World Press Freedom Day

April 30, 2023

On May 3, ARIJ celebrates World Press Freedom Day to raise awareness about the importance of press freedom and remind people of the role journalists play in exposing corruption, misuse of power, and holding decision-makers accountable.

In celebration of this day, ARIJ launches a campaign on social media platforms under the hashtags #PressFreedom and #WorldPressFreedomDay to participate in the global digital debate on freedom of expression, protecting journalists’ right of expression, access to information, and ensuring their digital security.

Members of the ARIJ team will also participate in a variety of activities organised by different entities worldwide. Here are the highlights:

  • General Director of ARIJ, Rawan Al-Damen, meets with a group of journalists residing in Istanbul to discuss the reality of migrant journalism and various challenges. The discussion is preceded by the screening of the film “The Golden Award,” which presents the behind-the-scenes of the 15th annual ARIJ Forum.
  • ARIJ Executive Editor, Hoda Osman, will participate in an event held in New York on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day.
  • ARIJ’s Senior Data Editor and Coach, Mohammed Komani, will speak at a Twitter Audio Space organised by the Thomson Foundation to discuss the restrictions imposed on journalists and how conditions have changed over the past six decades.

On this occasion, we invite you to sign the “Defending Independent Media” declaration we launched at the ARIJ Forum 2022, in which we call on governments to protect independent journalists and fact-checkers, respect their right to access information, and reaffirm our commitment to representing the values of democracy, transparency, equality in our daily work and within our editorial boards, respect diverse opinions, and enrich diversity.

We wish you a happy World Press Freedom Day.