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ARIJ-backed Investigation Wins International Prize

September 16, 2017

Riccione, Italy– “Upside Down”, an investigation by reporters Najoua Al Hamami of Tunis and Saada Abd ElKader of Egypt on the suffering of people in both countries after revolutions there has been awarded the “DIG” International Prize.

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) which supported the reporters also gave their report first prize in the cross-border investigation category of its annual contest. The report was  broadcast on  “Fifth Estate” a program hosted by Egyptian Yousri Fouda on the Deutsche Welle  Channel.

The two reporters looked into violations by government agencies and documented denial of civil and financial rights, and neglect in both countries of families of martyrs of the revolutions.

“DIG” is an international competition that supports journalists doing video coverage of social, economic or political issues.

ARIJ has trained nearly 2,000 journalists, professors and students, and has helped establish investigation units in Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt and Lebanon. The network has contributed to the launch of six local stations in Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Palestine and Syria, and supervised the broadcast / publication of more than 400 investigative reports via Arab and international satellite channels such as “BBC”, “ALJAZEERA English”, “Deutche Welle Arabic”, and “New Arab”. ARIJ’s teaching curriculum is taught in several colleges in the region.