6:04pm , Monday 14th June 2021

ARIJ Concludes Workshop on Advanced Writing and Graphic Design

June 6, 2021

ARIJ Network (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism), concluded the workshop “Advanced Writing and Graphic Design”, with the participation of 20 journalists from Jordan. The workshop lasted four days from Monday, 31st of May to Thursday, 3rd of June, with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

Over the course of two days, journalist and trainer Aref Hijjawi explained how to write investigative reports well, and he helped journalists practice the basics of articulate and eloquent journalistic writing.

Hijjawi said, “An investigation is not measured by the kilos. Your investigation could be done in 500 words or it can extend to 2000 words. What matters is that it’s readable and fulfills the reader’s curiosity.” He adds, “The worst way to conclude your investigation is to write ‘and so the question remains’, I am reading to know the answers, not for you to bombard me with questions.”

Hijjawi believes it is the reader’s role to merely read the investigation, not to study and analyze it, so it’s advised to write in a concise way with little descriptions and without prejudice.

On the last two days, trainer Marwan Al-Qadi focused on the basis of graphic design and visual presentation, and he showed examples of good and bad examples of them. He also explained the five basic elements of design, which are visual balance, hierarchy, color harmony and contrast, typography, and using images, icons, and graphics. He also provided journalists with practical exercises to apply these design elements using the Figma program.

Aref Hijjawi worked in education and media, and now he hosts radio and television programmes and has written a few books on media, Arabic language, and poetry.

Marwan Al-Qadi is a trainer, technical consultant, and user experience (UX) designer, and has worked in a number of governmental institutions and tech companies in Jordan and the UAE, He is currently working on building technology products that facilitate the work of creators around the world, as well as providing consulting services to companies and designers.