ARIJ holds a Training Workshop for Jordanian Lawyers on the New Cybercrime Law

October 3, 2023

ARIJ held a training workshop for Jordanian lawyers on the new Cybercrime Law, during which the trainer and legal expert, Khaled Khleifat, explained important information about the new it, such as defamation and slander, conditions for criticism, rules for covering crimes and trials, and intellectual property of images and news.

The trainer and participating lawyers discussed the legal rules governing journalistic work in light of the new law, and other laws affecting the work of journalists.

Coach Safaa Al-Ramahi, the training and innovation specialist at ARIJ, also provided a brief explanation to the attendees about what investigative journalism is, and the nature of the work investigative journalists do.

The workshop is held as a part of a series of workshops presented by ARIJ in conjunction with the adoption and implementation of the new Cybercrime Law, in order to educate its community about the legal frameworks of its work and raise awareness. The series included an in-house workshop for ARIJ’s team on the law, a second workshop for Jordanian journalists and a third workshop for Jordanian lawyers.