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COVID-19: ARIJ is working from home

March 18, 2020

AMMAN — The safety of our employees, collaborators and consultants across the ARIJ network is one of our top priorities. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the lack of available testing, we are still uncertain of how extensive the virus is and of how many are, and could be, infected. In light of this, all of our employees will work from home from Tuesday, March 17 to Wednesday, April 1, with the possibility of an extension if necessary.

We have already communicated our new policy to our partners, ARIJeans and trainers who were expecting to travel as part of our activities. We have also reached out to funders, donors, supporters and advocates on how to adapt our activities and schedules, and digitise some of our personal training activities. We will continue to try to make as many of the planned programmes as possible happen through alternative means, but some activities may have to be postponed until later in the year.

The health of our employees and their families is a priority, and we have implemented a Work From Home policy to reduce the risk of possible exposure to the virus. A large number of employees rely on public transportation, some live with elderly relatives or suffer from serious medical conditions; therefore it is necessary to limit their contact with large groups of people. We have the administrative and editorial ability to effectively and efficiently conduct our business remotely with all ARIJeans across the region.

“Currently, ARIJ is working with over 50 Arab journalists conducting investigations across the Arab world,” says ARIJ’s Executive Director, Rawan Damen. “We are doing our best to adapt our work according to the new and unprecedented reality we are all facing, and as always, we are committed to finding innovative solutions to accomplish our mission while we continue to learn more about the full scope of this health crisis. Starting this week, we have planned for a secured working task force to assist all ARIJeans currently in the field with completing their investigations, despite the pandemic, and to report any challenges they face.”


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