6:15pm , Wednesday 30th September 2020

Producer Vacancy

December 30, 2019

ARIJ is looking for a producer to join its vibrant team in Amman, Jordan. 

Basic Job Description:

Create the infrastructure and the logistics to make ARIJ Investigative stories be accomplished on time and smoothly. Lead the execution of ARIJ Investigative stories. Coordinate various aspects of ARIJ print, digital, radio and television Investigations from pre-production to post-production, from pitches to social media promotions and applying to competitions. 

This job reports to ARIJ Managing Editor.  

Job Duties and Tasks: 

Within the designated authority the Producer is expected to perform the following job duties and tasks:

  1. Coordinate the activities of investigative journalists, editors and coaches, fact-checkers, translators…etc. both staff and freelancers, and other personnel technical and artistic throughout the full process of producing ARIJ investigations. 
  2. Monitor post-production processes in order to ensure accurate completion of all details based on contracts technically and timewise. 
  3. Liaison between Editorial Section, Admin/Finance Section, Programs and Legal to ensure smooth implementation of all activates connected to editorial such as planning, budgeting, scheduling, publishing, and marketing.
  4. Provide ARIJ Managing Editor and Executive Director with updated bi-weekly reports of the current situation of all investigative stories in progress. 
  5. Establish details such as production and publishing schedules within editorial policies
  6. Follow up on Investigative stories implementation from pitches to social media and competitions
  7. Conduct meetings with Managing Editor, staff and freelancers to discuss production progress and to ensure production objectives and outputs are attained.
  8. Resolve personnel problems that arise during the production process by acting as a liaison between dissenting parties when necessary.
  9. Resolve any bottle necks in production processes and report unresolved issues to Managing editor (when editorial discussions are needed) and to Executive Director (when administrate decisions are needed). 
  10. Control the production’s budget and allocate resources 
  11. Organise shooting and editing schedules, development and design schedules, proofreading, translation, fact-checking, legal approvals and editing schedules. 
  12. Write and submit periodical reports on the progress of the different stories 
  13. Provide feedback on journalists, editors, coaches and all stakeholders based on production criteria. 
  14. Review video productions, recordings, or digital stories to ensure production and broadcast standards.
  15. Negotiate contracts with artistic personnel: camerapersons, editors, field producers, musicians, voice over artists…etc. often in accordance with collective bargaining agreements.
  16. Negotiate with parties including independent producers, and the distributors and broadcasters who will be handling completed productions.
  17. Collaborate with business development to provide content for sale, or stories that will help business planning. 
  18. Obtain rights to scripts, or to such items as existing images or video footage.
  19. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, codes of practice and health and safety laws. 
  20. Deliver the finished investigations on time and to budget.
  21. Apply Investigative Journalism stories to prizes and awards. 



Working hours

Work involves regular unsocial hours at weekends and in the evenings. Long hours and time spent in meetings or on location is the norm.


  1. Communication and media academic studies, preferably postgraduate studies 
  2. Project Management 2 -3 years’ experience with an in-house team and freelancers 
  3. Digital Platforms/Websites 2 – 3 years’ experience including working with developers and designers 
  4. Bi-lingual: Fluency in both Arabic and English languages is required.  


  1. confidence
  2. strong communication and people skills
  3. presentation and pitching skills
  4. negotiation skills
  5. strong time and resource management skills
  6. organisation and planning skills
  7. the ability to cope well under pressure
  8. commercial awareness and a good head for figures
  9. self-motivation and the ability to motivate others
  10. leadership skills.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their Cover Letter and Resume via this form by January 6th, 2020, at 12:00pm.