8:09pm , Wednesday 28th September 2022

Request for Service Providers to ARIJ

June 12, 2022

ARIJ invites professionals who would like to work with us as service providers from the following fields to send their CV (in Arabic or English) with a clear cover letter explaining why they would be suitable candidates to work with ARIJ. If this is your first time to work with ARIJ, please include at least two referees in your cover letter. In addition to sending a copy of your passport. 

Please send (1) your CV, (2) a copy of your passport and (3) a cover letter to HR@arij.net by Thursday, June 30, 2022, 12:00 midnight Amman, Jordan time (+3 GMT) 

Only successful candidates will be contacted. 

Please include in the SUBJECT of your EMAIL the title you are applying for. For example: Trainer, fact checker,…etc. 

Freelancer contracts include the titles: (Details below) 

  1. Trainers
  2. Fact Checkers 
  3. Translators 
  4. Simultaneous Interpreters
  5. Media Lawyers 
  6. Media Developers/Programers 
  7. UX Designers
  8. Social Media Specialists 
  9. Senior Project/Program Officers 


  1. Trainers 

All trainers should be bi-lingual and have more than  eight years experience in training and specialisation in one or more of the fields below:

Kindly specify in your cover letter, your specialisation amongst the below.  

  • Investigative Journalism (from Basics to Advanced – both theory and practical) 
  • Interviewing Techniques 
  • Writing & Creative Writing (Arabic language) 
  • Photography 
  • Filming 
  • Mobile Journalism 
  • Podcast 
  • Editing 
  • Data Journalism 
  • Open Source 
  • Innovation 
  • Crowdsourcing 
  • Surveys 
  • Environment for Investigative Journalists 
  • Science for Investigative Journalists 
  • Economics for Investigative Journalists 
  • English for Investigative Journalists 
  • AI in Investigative Journalism 
  • Cross-border in Investigative Journalism 
  • Ethics in Investigative Journalism 
  • Fact Checking and Verification (from Basics to Advanced) 
  • Organisational Management 
  • Digital Security 
  • Physical Security 
  • Psycho Support Therapist
  • Career Advisor 
  • Social Media & Audience 
  • Storytelling 
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Pitching 
  • Follow the Money 
  • Tracking

  1. Fact-checkers

Fact Checker should be bi-lingual in both Arabic and English (French is a plus); and have a minimum of five years experience working in post and/or pre publication fact checking. Working in pre-publication investigations’ fact checking is a plus.


Fact Checkers working with ARIJ would be responsible for the accuracy of the editorial content of ARIJ’s investigations, in-depth reports, podcasts, content,.. Etc. 

ARIJ is well known for its high standards in fact checking. It is leading AFCN’s work (Arab Fact Checkers Network). 

Checking involves not just verifying the accuracy of each fact, but excellent editorial judgement. To accomplish this, checkers must have a scholar’s eye for detail as well as a journalist’s eye for news and current events. 

The pieces on which the checkers work range from short in-depth reports to larger cross-border fact-heavy pieces of ten-to-fifteen thousand words. The longer pieces often raise significant legal and ethical questions. 

This also includes reading through investigative journalism’ documents, interviews and all documents, including illustrations and photographs.  

  1. Translators: From Arabic to English. 

Translators should be bi-lingual in both Arabic and English; and have a minimum of eight years experience working in translating media/human rights content. Working in translation investigations’ and/or publishing platforms content is a plus. Being a certified translator is a plus. 

This include: 

  • Convert content in the source language (Arabic mainly) to equivalent concepts in the target language (English) 
  • Write fluently, read and speak at least two languages
  • Leave the tone and style of the original language unchanged
  • Speak relay messages clearly, accurately, and quickly
  • Apply cultural knowledge to produce a meaningful translation of the original message
  • Convert ideas in the source language to equivalent ideas in the target language
  • Discuss questions/issues of translated sentences with senior English editor 
  • Proofread, edit, and revise translated materials.

Please add with the CV, (1) A sample of your work (2) Your pricing cards. 

  1. Simultaneous Interpreters: Arabic to English and English to Arabic 

Simultaneous Interpreters should be bi-lingual in both Arabic and English; and have a minimum of eight years experience working in interpreting media/human rights content. Working in interpretation media training is a plus. Being a certified interpreter is a plus.

Simultaneous interpreters need to be able to work via Zoom (virtual) and actual; and cover conferences, trainings, workshops, webinars, meetings, …etc. And be able to: 

  • listen carefully to what the speaker is saying
  • assimilate speakers’ words quickly, including jargon and acronyms
  • build up specialist vocabulary banks
  • reproduce what has been said in the relevant language
  • use equipment such as microphones and headsets where appropriate
  • prepare paperwork – reviewing agendas before meetings, or lectures and speeches when received in advance
  • conduct research to make sure he/she is fully informed on topics before assignments
  • organise workload and liaise with internal departments of ARIJ 
  • work to a professional code of ethics covering confidentiality and impartiality.

Please add with the CV, (1) An audio sample of your work (2) Your pricing cards. 

  1. Media Lawyers 

Lawyers should have a minimum of eight years experience working in media/human rights/copyright/intellectual property issues. Working in media and/or entertainment copyright is a plus. Having a graduate degree is a plus. 

This include: 

  • Give legal advice on risks pre, during and post field work. 
  • Drafting and advising on contracts for Investigative journalism work 
  • Providing ‘legal screening’ advice for a ARIJ on the content it produces/coaches including the use of videos/images and music tracks

  1. Media Developers/Programmers 

Media content developers/programmers should be bi-lingual in both Arabic and English; and have a minimum of five years experience working in translating media/human rights content. Working in developing/programming interactive investigations’ and/or data stories and/or publishing platforms content is a plus. 

The work mainly involves: 

  • work with the designer and other creative specialists (such as animators, video producers and 3D modellers) to understand the design concept, and advise on how it can be implemented technically within constraints
  • work with journalists and coaches to get the story the best possible interactivity. 
  • write efficient computer code or script to make the various features work, ensuring that sound, graphics, animations and timings work as intended and make good use of processing and data storage capacity
  • create and link databases to the user interface so that information can be retrieved, stored and processed interactively via the application
  • write HTML or similar input and use authoring packages where appropriate to create content and effects
  • run tests of the application to identify bugs that need to be dealt with
  • solve problems by rewriting the code or adding new code that works around the problem
  • provide technical support to an application once it’s running and make further adaptations, patches or rewrites to the code
  • research and keep abreast of emerging technologies, in order to deliver the most up to date solutions, including learning new programming languages or technologies
  • take on other roles, such as design and animation – although this applies mostly to smaller projects and depends on your level of expertise.
  • UX design is a plus 

Please add with the CV, (1) Your portfolio for similar projects (2) Your pricing cards. 

  1. UX Designers 

UX Designers should be bi-lingual in both Arabic and English; and have a minimum of five years experience working in UX design. Working in investigations’ and/or publishing platforms content UX design is a plus. 

Responsibilities often include:

  • Consulting with coaches/editors to understand their goals from their stories 
  • Explaining user research results to internal and external teams involved in ARIJ 
  • Developing personas and usage scenarios
  • Conducting usability testing
  • Creating wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps and screen flows
  • Creating product prototypes
  • Analysing user feedback and activity, and iterating to enhance the user experience
  • Assisting with content development
  • Conducting competitor and customer analysis

Please add with the CV, (1) Your portfolio for similar projects (2) Your pricing cards. 

  1. Social Media Specialists 

The Social Media Specialist will join our Communications team to implement activities of social media & website posting, research and interaction, and maintain ARIJ brand and image on all relevant social media platforms.

​​Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implementation of a social media strategy locally and internationally
  • Ensuring the proper presentation and visibility of the corporate identity in all correspondences, marketing material, printable items, website, social media posts, reports production, and all email and written outputs
  • Continuously updating website material and designs
  • ·Following up on news and social media posts related to ARIJ locally, regionally, and internationally and overseeing the responses to any online interaction
  • Implementing marketing plans related to ARIJ programs and projects, and ensuring that communications’ messages are being delivered as per the objectives of those programs
  • Collecting data related to ARIJ presence in media and online platforms
  • Writing reports on various activities done by ARIJ and as per donor or any other stakeholders’ requirements
  • Continuously developing/soliciting content to be posted and shred on ARIJ pages that is relevant to its objectives
  • Posting and interacting on all relevant social media platforms within the guidelines of the communications strategy
  • Preparing content in both Arabic and English languages to be used in various relevant online platforms


  • B.A in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Business, Public Relations, or any related field
  • A minimum of three years’ experience in communications & PR
  • Knowledge/experience in an international/local NGO’s preferable
  • Knowledge in reading and analyzing data from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and other digital channels

  1. Senior Project/Program Officer 

Executing projects/programs within ARIJ; coordinating logistics, physical and financial resources, as well as monitoring the execution of designated projects/programs against the set objectives and requirements, including monitoring and evaluation and following impact. 

  • Executing the projects/programs in terms of resources and coordinating availability of such towards the successful completion of the project/program cycle. 
  • Participating in the development of technical concept documents related to existing and new projects/programs with clear objectives, impact and preliminary plans. 
  • Executing activities related to project/program tracking/ monitoring framework and preparing progress reports accordingly 
  • Coordinating events, forums, workshops …etc. as part of the existing programs of ARIJ; this may include call outs, venues, travel arrangements, guest speakers, logistics from the region and internationally. 
  • Continuously updating the database for all projects/programs participants in terms of organisations and individuals. 
  • Monitoring project/program budgets annually according to the recurring and new projects/programs. 
  • Managing the relations with some of the stakeholders related to the projects/programs and continuously engaging them in order to gain and maintain their support. 
  • Ensuring that all projects/programs are in line with donors’ requirements and creating relevant reports accordingly, in addition to abiding by any specific policies from the donors. 
  • Participating in developing efficient monitoring and reporting tools that would enable tracking the time and program outputs. 
  • Pointing out potential risks during project/program implementation and suggesting risk management and contingency plans accordingly. 
  • Experience in federal grants is a plus

    Only successful candidates will be contacted.