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Training Grant for Jordanian Journalists: To strengthen the rule of law and good governance in the media

July 9, 2020

ARIJ — How can journalists promote good governance and the rule of law in Jordan?

ARIJ aims to support a strong, well-trained and responsible media that uncovers wrongdoing and focuses on issues that highlight and promote government accountability. 

We believe that this can be achieved by enhancing the skills and knowledge of journalists in conducting investigative reports on good governance and rule of law issues in Jordan, as well as by training on the correct and ethical way of carrying out interviews that could have a pivotal and fundamental role in promoting the rule of law and good governance.

Through “Promoting the Rule of Law and Good Governance through Strong Media”, you will learn about legal systems, regulations, publishing law, the cyber crime law, the penal code, and the right to obtain information in Jordan, in a bid to strengthen standards of integrity, transparency, and justice. You will also develop your skills and understanding of investigative journalism; learn how to differentiate between investigative and regular interviews; and develop your skills in preparing for, conducting, verifying and disseminating such interviews. 

This competitive training grant is for Jordanian media professionals and journalists in all sectors of the media – whether print, digital, radio or TV – and specifically targets underprivileged journalists in all Jordan governorates, with a focus on female journalists. 

The workshop will take place online, via ARIJ’s virtual Academy platform, for three days from Wednesday 22 July to Friday 24 July between 12:00AM to 6:00PM, with support from the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs (DRL).

Entry requirements:

  1. You must be Jordanian and reside in Jordan. 
  2. You must commit to the three days remotely. Absence from any session (for any reason) means you cannot continue training or obtain the final certification. 
  3. You must complete and submit the following form before Saturday, July 18th at 9:00\PM Amman Time. 

As recommended by the ARIJ Editorial committee, applicants are encouraged to complete the three following free ARIJ digital courses (which should take 1-2 days), and attach their certificates of completion to the application form.

Click here to apply 


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