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Training Grant- “TV Storytelling Techniques” In partnership with the Norwegian Institute for Journalists

October 5, 2021

Monday & Tuesday, 25-26 October 2021 at 10:00 am (GMT+3)

ARIJ in partnership with the Norwegian Institute for Journalism are offering a training grant for journalists on “TV Storytelling Techniques” for journalists from different Arab countries, the workshop will take place virtually for two days Monday & Tuesday 25-26 October 2021.

In this workshop, the participants will learn the latest techniques in TV Investigations, how to prepare a story for TV, the participants will also learn the skills they need to develop their stories in different formats.

ARIJ encourages ARIJeans whom have concluded at least 1 story with ARIJ in the past 5 years to apply for this advanced workshop in TV storytelling, to apply for this workshop, please click here

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Trainers: Frode Rekve and Torben Shou