In Depth Reports

Right to Safety

Right to Safety fellowship is a two months program that provides training and coaching for 20 journalists in order for them to produce in-depth reports on the right to safety in all its aspects in society. The fellowship is organised by ARIJ in cooperation with Free Press Unlimited (FPU) for journalists and media graduates who […]

100 Watts

Data stories are based on evidence, where a journalist works hard to have access to data. Data stories tell us that behind every number there is a human story that is worth telling. We do not only use numbers as each story is told with written words, visuals, audio elements, video and graphs.

Who takes the responsibility?

“Strengthening Independent Media in Jordan” is a two year project, launched by ARIJ and supported by the Nations Democracy Fund, UNDEF. The project which first started in August 2020, aims at improving accountability reporting in Jordan.